Course History

Lincoln Valley History

The idea of building a golf course in the West Marshall area originated in 1973. A group of Jaycees took it upon themselves to investigate the possibilities of acquiring land for the project. In May of 1976, the Gutekunst Public Library Board approved the leasing the 80 acres of land 1 1/2 miles east of State Center to build the golf course.

Water was the main concern of the project in the summer of 1977. No natural water source could be found to supply the quantity needed for a golf course. Another source needed to be located. The town of State Center agreed to furnish the water. The course could now start to take shape.

In July of 1977 Midwest Irrigation started to construct our course. In September, the water line to State Center was laid. The bridges that were needed to cross the creek that runs through the course were completed in November.

In May, the brickwork on the outside of the clubhouse was being put on, with much work to be done on the inside of the building. In June, work was hectic, trying to meet the Grand Opening date of July 1.

The basic structure was finished by July 1,1978. Many more things have to be done before the building could be finished. Minor building projects will continue for years.

The name of the Lincoln Valley Golf Course originated from the fact the course lies in a valley between old “Lincoln” Highway 30 and the new “Lincoln” Highway 30.

In 1992 plans began to formulate for the addition for another 9 holes. Feasibility studies were completed along with the design. Members voted in favor of the addition. Groundwork began in August 1993 with major completion scheduled for October 1993. A wet fall and severe wind erosion plagued 1994, causing re-seeding and additional dirt moving. A projected completion date was scheduled for the spring of 1995. The new nine holes opened for play on May 26, 1995. Further work and planting of trees continued through the summer and fall.

In 2008, Harlan and Jeanette Kloppenborg began the process of buying the land from the Gutekunst library. The process was slow moving and, in the spring of 2009, a special meeting of the membership was called, and the severity of the debt was explained. The members came forward with enough pledges to open the course. The purchase of the land was finalized, and Harlan and Jeanette became the owners of the course. Through the generous donations of Harlan and Jeanette and several other individuals, the debt was paid off and the course was debt free going into the 2010 season.